St Patrick’s Day Campaign

Saint Patrick’s Day Impaired Driving Prevention – March 17, 2021

Drinking Green Beer? Use a Designated Driver!

Remember: Buzzed Driving Is Impaired Driving

St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in America date back to the country’s founding. While this year’s celebration may look a little different, however you celebrate, make sure you and your friends stay safe this St. Paddy’s Day by remembering one important piece of advice: Buzzed Driving Is Impaired Driving. This means that if you plan to drink any alcoholic beverage, it is essential that you plan for a sober designated driver beforehand. To help keep your community safe, the Grand Isle County Sheriff’s Department is teaming up with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to spread the message about the dangers of impaired driving. Even one drink can be one too many.

From 2015 to 2019, a total of 280 lives were lost in impaired-driving crashes during the St. Patrick’s Day period. Drivers should also keep an eye out for pedestrians who are impaired. Walking while intoxicated can also be deadly, as lack of attention to their surroundings could put pedestrians at risk of getting hit by a vehicle.

Impaired driving is a continuing problem on our nation’s roads, especially around days like St. Patrick’s Day. Go out for a night of fun and return home safely by ensuring you have a sober driver take you home. Do not be the reason someone — including yourself — does not get home. Do not let St. Patrick’s Day become an anniversary of a tragic night. Before you put your keys in the ignition, remind yourself: Buzzed Driving Is Impaired Driving.

If you are the designated driver, make sure you keep that promise of safety to yourself and your passengers. It can be a long night, but people are counting on you, not to mention the other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians on the roads. Take the role of designated driver seriously — people are relying on you.

Please remember impaired driving is not only illegal but also deadly.  KEEPING YOU SAFE!!!!

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