By law, every Vermont Sheriff is responsible for enforcing and serving all civil process in their respective county. The Grand Isle County Sheriff’s Department continually serves paperwork for the courts, attorneys, and public, including:

• Subpeonas
• Small Claims
• Landlord/Tenant
• Foreclosures
• Evictions
• Divorce
• Child Support
• Child Custody

This agency requires a cover letter with all requests for service to include which documents are to be served, who they are to be served on, and where the defendant can be located. The Grand Isle County Sheriff’s Department has a very high success rate in completing service in a timely manner. Due to being civil in nature however, we are not able to use criminal investigative tactics to locate the defendant (stakeouts, computer inquiries, arrest records, etc.) Therefor, any other information you can provide to help in speeding up the service is appreciated (times of day they will be home, phone numbers, etc.)

A $100.00 deposit is required. Due to changes in state statutes taking effect July 1st, 2022, a $75.00 fee is now required with request for service, for each person being served, plus $0.66 per mile to locate the defendant. After service is complete, a return of service will be sent back, as well as a refund for the difference, or a bill for any amount owed.

A form can be downloaded here which provides us with information about the civil service that you are requesting, and will help us to serve the paperwork in a timely manner.