Thanksgiving Seat Belt Campaign

Click It or Ticket This Thanksgiving and Every Day

Thanksgiving Click It or Ticket Campaign Extra Enforcement

  • During the busy Thanksgiving travel period, law enforcement agencies will partner with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), State, and local law enforcement and highway safety advocates across the country for the national Click It or Ticket campaign. Across the country, these men and women will participate in a high-visibility mobilization to ramp up patrolling to crack down on seat belt use.
  • The Thanksgiving holiday is one of the busiest travel times of the year, which means more vehicles will be on the roads. Increased vehicle activity leads to the potential for more crashes and more fatalities.
  • Failing to buckle up puts you and other vehicle passengers in a potentially deadly situation. It’s also against the law – plain and simple. There’s never an excuse to not wear your seat belt.
  • The Click It or Ticket campaign combines increased awareness with increased patrolling to reach as many Americans as possible with one key message: Wearing a seat belt is the single most effective way to save your life and the lives of your loved ones while on the road this Thanksgiving.

 Not Buckling Up Can Be Deadly

  • During the Thanksgiving holiday weekend in 2015 (6 p.m. on Wednesday, November 25, to 5:59 a.m. on Monday, November 30), there were 301 passenger vehicle occupants killed in traffic crashes across the nation, a decrease from the 341 passenger vehicle occupants killed in 2014.
  • Compared to Thanksgiving weekend in 2014, there was an 11-percentage-point decrease in the number of passenger vehicle occupant fatalities in 2015, and an 8-percentage-point decrease in the number of those who were unbuckled when they were killed that weekend.
  • Nighttime is deadlier than daytime in terms of seat belt use. Over the 2015 Thanksgiving weekend, 57 percent of passenger vehicle occupants killed in crashes at night were unbuckled, compared to 49 percent during the day.
  • During all of 2015, a total of 22,441 passenger vehicle occupants were killed in crashes, and nearly half (44%) of them were not wearing their seat belts at the time of the crash. Among passenger vehicle occupant fatalities in 2015, the age groups of 13-15 and 18-34 had the highest percentages (57% and 58%, respectively) of occupants who were unbuckled at the time of their fatal crash.

Seat Belts Save Lives

  • According to NHTSA, seat belts saved approximately 13,941 lives nationwide age 5 and older in 2015. If everyone had worn seat belts that year, an additional 2,804 lives could have been saved.
  • Proper seat belt use reduces the risk of fatal injury to front seat passengers by 45 percent and the risk of moderate to serious injury by 50 percent.
  • Ejection from a vehicle is one of the most dangerous events that can happen to a person in a crash. In fatal crashes in 2015, almost 8 out of 10 (80%) of the passenger vehicle occupants who were totally ejected from vehicles were killed. Wearing your seat belt is the most effective way to prevent ejections; only 1 percent of the occupants reported to have been wearing their seat belts were totally ejected in a crash, compared to 30 percent who were unbuckled.

This Thanksgiving—and every day of the year—remember, Click It or Ticket.

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Halloween Buzzed Driving Campaign


On Halloween, and Every Day, Buzzed Driving Is Drunk Driving

North Hero, VT — Halloween is a time for making memories, not causing nightmares. This Halloween, Grand Isle County Sheriff’s Department is reminding Halloween partiers that Buzzed Driving Is Drunk Driving. Stay safe—and help keep others safe—by refraining from drunk driving. In 2015, there were 55 people killed in drunk-driving-related crashes. If your Halloween party involves alcohol, it’s imperative that you make a plan to get home without getting behind the wheel.

It’s so important to make a plan before heading out to the Halloween festivities. Even one drink can impair judgement. This is why it’s essential to have a plan for how you’ll safely get home after your night of partying, before you ever head out for your event.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 45 percent of all people killed in motor vehicle crashes on Halloween night (6 p.m. October 31 – 5:59 a.m. November 1) from 2011 to 2015 were in crashes involving a drunk driver. Children out trick-or-treating and the parents accompanying them are also at risk, as 36 percent of fatal pedestrian crashes on Halloween night (2011-2015) involved drunk drivers. Younger drivers are most at risk: The 21-to-34-year age group accounted for the most fatalities (64%) in drunk-driving-related crashes during Halloween night in 2015.

It is illegal everywhere in America to drive with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or higher. In 2015, there were 10,265 people killed in drunk-driving-related crashes. Even if you drive drunk and aren’t killed or seriously injured, you could end up paying as much $10,000 for a DUI.

Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving, so follow these simple tips for a safe and happy Halloween:

  • Remember that it is never okay to drink and drive. Even if you’ve had one alcoholic beverage, designate a sober driver or plan to use public transportation to get home safely.
  • Download NHTSA’s SaferRide mobile app, available on Google Play for Android devices: (, and in Apple’s iTunesStore for iOS devices: ( SaferRide allows users to call a taxi or a predetermined friend, and identifies the user’s location so he or she can be picked up.
  • If you see a drunk driver on the road, contact Grand Isle County Sheriff’s Department.
  • Have a friend who is about to drink and drive? Take the keys away and make arrangements to get your friend home safely.

For more information, please visit

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National Teen Driver Safety Week

National Teen Driver Safety Week
October 15-21, 2017

This week and every week, parents should have conversations with their teens about the important rules they need to follow to stay safe behind the wheel of a passenger car, truck, or SUV. These rules address the greatest dangers for teen drivers: alcohol, inconsistent or no seat belt use, distracted and drowsy driving, speeding, and number of passengers.

The Problem: Too many teens are dying on our roads

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teens (15 to 18 years old) in the United States – ahead of all other types of injury, disease, or violence.

There were 1,972 teen drivers of passenger vehicles involved in fatal motor vehicle traffic crashes in 2015. An estimated 99,000 teen passenger vehicle drivers were injured in motor vehicle traffic crashes.

Even if you think they don’t hear you, they do. Remember, set the rules before they hit the road.

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2017 Labor Day DUI Campaign

The Grand Isle County Sheriff’s Department, in conjunction with the State of Vermont Governor’s Highway Safety Program, will be conducting increased high visibility traffic enforcement to save lives from 08/18/17 through 09/04/17 during the statewide 2017 Labor Day DUI Campaign.  DUI checkpoints will be conducted throughout this campaign as well as DUI high visibility saturation patrols.

The end of summer is traditionally marked by the Labor Day holiday, a yearly national tribute to the contributions made by American workers to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country. The long holiday weekend is typically celebrated with picnics, pool parties and barbecues, as family and friends come together to enjoy the last few days of summer. This is also the time of year when our children – our most precious natural resource – typically return to school following their summer vacation. Sadly, the Labor Day holiday weekend is also one of the deadliest, with drunk drivers endangering not only themselves but everyone else on America’s highways.


Impaired driving is one of the deadliest, most often committed, yet preventable crimes committed in our country. In 2015 in the United States, 10,265 people died in alcohol-impaired crashes; that’s equal to 28 people each day or one person every 51 minutes. Nationally about one-third of all fatalities are the result of impaired driving but here in Vermont the numbers are even more grim; of the 62 roadway deaths in 2016, more than half (37) involved a driver impaired by alcohol, drugs, or a combination of both.  More than half of all deaths in Vermont also involve vehicle occupants who did not buckle up! 


High visibility enforcement has been the key to success in Grand Isle County evident in minimal law enforcement response to serious injury crashes or fatalities.  Speeding and distracted driving are the major cause of most crashes in Grand Isle County.  Please continue to help us prevent senseless tragedies!

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4th of July Impaired Driving Prevention Campaign

We love to celebrate the 4th of July with family, friends, food, and fireworks, but all too often the festivities turn tragic on the nation’s roads. The fact is, this iconic American holiday is also one of the deadliest holidays of the year due to impaired-driving crashes.

Every day, law enforcement officers work endless hours to keep community members safe. The decisions drivers make before getting behind the wheel of a car affect law enforcement officers’ work, and impaired driving can be one of the deadliest factors. In 2015, 10,265 people were killed in drunk-driving-related crashes. To put it into perspective, that’s one person killed every 51 minutes. That’s the equivalent of 20 jumbo jets crashing, with no survivors.

This Fourth of July, as friends and family travel to picnics and barbecues across the country, the Grand Isle County Sheriff’s Department along with other law enforcement across Vermont will be out in full force, stopping impaired drivers by aggressively targeting those who put lives in danger. As you prepare to drive home from the festivities, keep in mind that even one drink can be one too many.

This Fourth of July and every day, remember:  Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over

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Click It or Ticket Campaign

Click It or Ticket High Visibility Enforcement to Save Lives

From May 22, 2017 to June 4, 2017, the Grand Isle County Sheriff’s Department will participate in the nationwide mobilization Click It or Ticket campaign in an effort to save lives through high visibility enforcement efforts.  This enforcement period comes ahead of the Memorial Day holiday, one of the busiest travel weekends of the year. Utilizing current crash data, the Grand Isle County Sheriff’s Department will aggressively participate in this high visibility enforcement effort. Our current trends indicate an increase in distracted driving and speed related crashes.

According to research conducted by the Vermont Governor’s Highway Safety Program, 35092 people lost their lives in fatal motor vehicle crashes in the United States in 2015. While the national numbers for 2016 have not been finalized yet, we know that the final number is going to be nearly 40000. That’s more than 100 people dying in fatal crashes every single day! This is the highest number since 2008, and the two-year increase in fatalities (from 2014-2016) is the highest such increase in more than 50 years! Equally alarming here in Vermont is the fact that our statewide seatbelt usage rate actually dropped in 2016, while the national average increased to 90%. Last year approximately one-half of our fatal crash victims here in Vermont were unbelted at the time of the crash.

The Click It or Ticket campaign focuses on safety education and enforcing motor vehicle laws to save lives. Wearing your seat belt is your best defense against injury or death in the event of a crash. PLEASE DON’T BECOME A STATISTIC!!!!

READ IT AND WEEP – in a moment everything can change





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We also take drop offs at our office monday-friday year round

If transportation is an issue please call us and we will pick it up

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Super Bowl Weekend

Hope everyone is having a Safe Winter so far. The reason I am sending out this message is to remind people to BUCKLE UP and DRINK RESPONSIBLY.
Super Bowl Weekend is approaching and Law Enforcement across the State will be conducting more DUI Patrols.

Please enjoy the Game and make sure you have a designated driver & buckle up !

From All of Us- Have a Safe Weekend

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I have been receiving a lot of calls from schools & members of the community about the topic of clowns threatening people.



If you observe or hear of suspicious activity please report it.
Grand Isle Sheriff 802-372-4482 normal business hours
VT State Police Dispatch 802-524-5993

Please monitor your child’s social media since a lot of this topic of clowns is being generated by kids on social media.

Thank you
Sheriff Allen

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