Written requests for reports can be made to the following:

Grand Isle County Sheriff’s Department

ATTN: Records Request

10 Island Circle

Grand Isle, VT 05458

When making a request for records, please be as specific as you can as to the date, time, location (street address or best landmark), persons involved, Deputies involved, and your contact information in case of any questions, as well as to whom and where the records will be sent. Also include the applicable fee(s) for the type of record requested, via money order made payable to Grand Isle County Sheriff’s Department. Cash is accepted, however DO NOT send cash in the mail – if you wish to pay by cash, please do so with exact change only, and in person.

E-Mail address for requests and records forwarding coming soon; please note, due to constraints on emailing large files, requests for photos, video and audio recordings will be fulfilled using physical media. Reports of smaller file sizes can be emailed, if requested.

Requests for records will be evaluated on a case by case basis, in accordance with the Vermont Access to Public Records Act, as well as the act’s exemptions. Should a request meet an exemption to the act, any fees submitted will be returned or refunded along with explanation as to why the request was denied (i.e. public records act exemption).


Incident Report – $20.00

Crash Report – $20.00

Incident Photos (on a CD or other similar media) – $20.00

Video (per Deputy car/body camera view) – $45.00

Audio Recording (on a CD or other similar media) – $45.00